Don’t just turn on payments, transform the way you do business

  • Generate New Revenue By adding or expanding payment offerings to your solution, you can start earning higher monthly and transaction-based recurring revenue.
  • Offer the Power of Choice Allow merchants to choose from 125+ shopping cart integrations and 200+ processor options to streamline their onboarding.
  • Seamless White Labeling Make the platform an extension of your brand by adding your logo, colors and customizing your URL.

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237,000+ Connected devices
300+ EMV device certifications
$200B+ Payments volume
2.3B+ Transactions

Make Your Payments Business Disruption Proof

With disruptors appearing everywhere in the payments ecosystem, staying ahead of the curve requires providing more than just merchant accounts and payment processing. You have to add new sources of value to attract merchants and ISVs, retain existing customers and grow your revenue. NMI’s payment gateway offers the features and services you need to compete.

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The Flexibility to Serve Your Merchants

NMI’s modular payment gateway platform gives you the power of choice so you can tailor your offering exactly how you need. Choose from the payment integrations and 200+ processors that work best for you and your merchants.

A purple card reader and smartphone attached to a small payment device showing the versitility of NMI payment gateway.

Your Brand, Powered by Our Payment Gateway

You can’t grow your business if you can’t run it the way you want. NMI puts you in the driver’s seat, so you’re in control of everything from how you present your brand to how you manage your merchants.

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A Payment Platform, Designed to Maximize Revenue

NMI is designed to help you grow revenue and make the most of your business.

  • Set your own pricing: Start earning higher transaction-based and monthly recurring revenue by setting up pricing plans based on your desired sales price.
  • Upsell advanced services: Offer value-added services like easy mobile EMV acceptance, Advanced Fraud Protection and Secure Payment Method Storage to generate new revenue streams.

Get Total Control

Run your business and serve your customers in exactly the ways you want.

Ecommerce Payments Simplified

Let merchants quickly and easily accept card and electronic payments online with 200+ global processor connections and 125+ shopping cart integrations.

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Power Mobile Payments with a Contactless EMV-Certified Solution

Our iProcess mobile applications made for Apple and Android devices let merchants accept contactless card payments on their phone or tablet — no matter where they are.

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Enable In-Person Payments with a Contactless EMV-Certified Solution

Offer our lightweight POS app and EMV card readers to enable in-store payments for your merchants, or use our SDK to build contactless EMV payments into your own POS solution.

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What Sets NMI Apart

NMI is much more than a payment gateway. Our full commerce enablement platform is built to meet all your commerce enablement needs.

Our payment gateway platform uses a single token for every transaction to give your merchants a unified view of the customer, whether they buy on a desktop, mobile device or kiosk.

We don’t acquire merchants directly, so you never have to worry about us competing with you.

Give your merchants access to the most popular mobile, countertop and multi-lane EMV devices, all pre-certified with the processors they want.

Every partner has access to helpful training and our industry-leading support team that provides deep expertise to assist with anything you or your merchants need.

Learn How NMI is Powering Success for Stax

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NMI enabled Stax by Fattmerchant to enhance their offering and streamline onboarding, increasing new merchants by 300% while virtually eliminating attrition.

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“For our internal team to call out a solution that we’re using as something that they love and love working with on a day-to-day basis — it’s a huge win.”

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