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Customers want, and have come to expect to be recognized across all channels. The NMI Platform can enable you to do exactly that. Deliver a seamless experience for your customers across any point of commerce.


Create the perfect solution for accepting card and electronic payments online, quickly and instantly with our 165+ global processor connections, 175+ shopping cart integrations and easy to use APIs and SDKs.



Start accepting in-store payments with our lightweight SwIPe point-of-sale application along with the compatible EMV certified card readers. Those developing their own POS software can use our SDK to add EMV chip card acceptance to their own solution.



Accept EMV card payments wherever you go with our iProcess turnkey mobile applications made for Apple and Android devices. Merchants can accept EMV card payments on their phone or tablet no matter what their location.



Accept EMV card payments in unattended settings like in a parking garage, at a vending machine or in the back of a taxi. Choose from our growing list of self-service devices and easy to use SDKs and APIs.


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