Build your ideal solution

Merchants need to accept payments at all points of engagement: in-store, mobile, online and unattended. NMI lets you create the ideal offering for your clients, whether that’s an out-of-the box setup or a full-stack, verticalized solution. Power commerce enablement beyond the transaction and get complete control of the entire customer experience — from sign up to pay out.

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Deliver a seamless customer experience

Both merchants and customers have become more sophisticated, demanding better, more intuitive selling and buying experiences. NMI empowers you to deliver a seamless experience no matter where your merchants are selling. Enable payments anywhere from one platform, plus offer valuable insights via reporting that unifies all transactions data into a consolidated view.

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The payment gateway, reimagined

As your business scales, basic payment processing won’t be enough to keep you growing. Our full commerce enablement platform can help drive new value, extend your brand, create additional revenue streams and achieve major results. No matter how big or small your business, our platform is ready to help you achieve your goals.

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Enable ecommerce payments anywhere in the world

The perfect solution to get your merchants accepting card and electronic payments online, quickly and easily.

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Offer secure options for in-person transactions

Enable in-store payments with our lightweight POS application and certified contactless EMV card readers.

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Power payments on the go

Merchants can easily accept contactless EMV payments with our turnkey mobile applications made for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

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Provide solutions for unattended and self-service payments

Enable unattended and self-service contactless EMV payments in parking garages, vending machines, taxis and more.

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Solutions customized for your business

No matter what your industry or business model, NMI has a solution designed to streamline your payments offering.

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Enhancing product and enabling growth

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Find out how NMI enabled Stax by Fattmerchant to enhance their offering and streamline onboarding, increasing new merchants by 300% while virtually eliminating attrition.

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Power the next era of payments

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